Smart Service Power

"How can I live autonomously and self-determinedly at home for the longest possible time with the security of a retirement home?" Is a question that the majority of senior citizens ask themselves. Smart Service Power is a unique European-wide project concerning the intelligent digitalization of age appropriate accommodation.

Modern technology can make a major contribution to strengthening home care and be an essential part of solving the need for care.

Smart Service Power has received several awards internationally

  • "If we manage to help old people at reasonable costs to stay in their own four walls for only three months, we have made great things!"

    Dr. Bettina Horster, VIVAI Software AG

  • "I think smart service power is good because it promotes the autonomy of our customers."

    Robert Kunze, Managing Director of Pflegedienst Hübenthal, Dortmund
  • "Eco has been developing the Internet for over 20 years, so it was a logical consequence for us to make our contribution to the care 4.0."

    Markus Schaffrin, eco - Association of the German Internet Industry
  • "Technical support can make everyday life easier if it is smart, simple, secure and reliable, and enables proactive communication."

    Hans-Josef Vogel, Mayor of the City of Arnsberg
  • "For the City of Dortmund, the participation in the SmartServicePower project is an important component of future-oriented urban development."

    Michaela Bonan, City of Dortmund
  • "Electronic concierge applications complete the technical offer of actuators and sensors in the home environment."

    Lothar Schöpe, Smart Living

  • "Technology should adapt to our customers, not vice versa."

    Katja Sievert, DOGEWO21
  • "The development of sustainable, fair business models, so that technical solutions are also applied in practice and enable people to live autonomously for a long time, is important to me."

    Jelena Bleja
    Scientific Associate FH Dortmund
    IDiAL/FB Wirtschaft
  • "To enable older people to live longer in their own homes is a socially necessary but also technically and economically demanding task."

    Prof. Dr. Uwe Großmann
    FH Dortmund
  • "If we can help with Smart Service Power to ensure that sensible and responsibly used technology enables everyday support and the longest possible living at home, we can already make an important contribution today for many people, but also for our own future."

    Enrico Löhrke
    inHaus GmbH
  • "Our system speaks to the elderly and supports them in everyday matters as well as in emergency situations."

    Thomas Horster-Möller, VIVAI Software AG