Smart Living GmbH

Applications for Service-Wohnen GmbH was established as an owner-managed company in December 2013. With a new product portfolio, the goal is to develop applications and solutions for the residential service life of the future for the housing industry. The aging and shrinking society (""demographic change"") is an important challenge for this industry. To meet these challenges, older people need to be placed more in the middle of society - so different housing and service offers are being developed innovatively small-scale integrated with housing companies in neighborhoods.

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Lothar Schöpe

"Electronic concierge applications complete the technical offer of actuators and sensors in the home environment. They make technology human and thus ensure the participation in social and cultural life in the neighborhood for tenants through services and the community."

Lothar Schöpe, Management Member of Smart Living - Applications for Service-Living GmbH, Dortmund