City of Dortmund

With around 600,000 inhabitants, Dortmund is a metropolis in western Westphalia and is regarded as the gateway to the Rhine-Ruhr region. As a city of medium-sized businesses, technology and services, Dortmund still has a strong industrial core. For decades, senior citizens' policy has played a particularly important role here: the structures that have been built are future oriented and are widely acknowledged far beyond the boundries of the city.


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Michaela Bonan

"For the City of Dortmund, the participation in the SmartServicePower project is an important component of future-oriented urban development. It has paid off with the expected results in both the goal of the project ""Nordwärts"" and in the ""smart city"" approach of the city of Dortmund. Both of these enable citizens to live a good and age-apprpriate life in a familiar environment."

Michaela Bonan, Deputy Head in the Citizens' Interests and Civil Society Division of the City of Dortmund