VIVAI Software AG

VIVAI has been designing the Internet of Things since 2011! As one of the pioneers, together with CLAAS Landmaschinen, we designed and implemented one of the first and most famous German IoT projects called ""M2M Teledesk"", thus significantly optimizing the harvesting process. It is one of the lighthouse projects in this region of Germany and a model for numerous other IoT solutions. We decided early on to apply this know-how to technically supported age appropriate housing.

Thanks to the long-standing and extensive implementation experience in medium-sized companies and the technical know-how combined with the knowledge of the decisive market trends, VIVAI offers an all-round service for IoT projects.


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Dr. Bettina Horster

"The project Smart Service Power is high-tech with a high-touch! We are the world's first project to focus on demographic change within the framework of a smart city. If we manage to help elderly people at a reasonable cost to stay in your own four walls for only three months, we have done great things!"

Dr. Bettina Horster, Managing Director of VIVAI Software AG, Dortmund