Our Motivation

The goal of the Smart Service Power project is the intelligent digitalization and linking of different data sources in order to support  age-appropriate technology-supported housing.

  • The Internet of things and the smartification of a home is not cold and inhuman - on the contrary - it allows people who need assistance to remain self-determined and autonomous in their homes for a longer time.
  • Sensors and the corresponding systems in the field of ambient assisted living (AAL) are used almost exclusively for alarms in an emergency - the chance to proactively support the residents and to find out about progress concerning their condition (mostly their deterioration) using Big Data Analysis is implemented in this project.
  • For the first time a high-tech environment is initially adapted by the elderly and people who need assistance. It is then passed on to the younger generation - just the opposite of normal technology penetration.
  • The user data, which is gathered by various sensors and stored in different data silos is integrated into one platform. This aggregated data can be used to derive demand situations in a context-based manner and smart services (concierge services, house cleaning, home care, medical support and catering) can be offered automatically.
  • The rigid data usage control allows an ethical approach to personal data usage. People can choose who, when, how often, and on which granularity level it is allowed to access the data. Technical solutions for data autonomy are implemented in the project.
  • The development of a decision support system that creates a proposal for a fair distribution of cost savings and income for the whole eco-system. Based on the participants' contributions, methods of cooperative game theory are used to make an unbiased proposal for fair data share.