DC Information Society Prize 2017

UN consultant Diplomatic Council honors care project Smart Service Power.

New internet platform for age-appropriate service in your own apartment

Frankfurt am Main / Dortmund, February 2017 - In an EU-wide unique collaborative project, an Internet of Things Platform is now being set up for the first time, which allows a longer, self-determined life for the elderly in their own four walls. ""High-Tech with HighTouch- We are addressing the ongoing demographic change with the help of congested data and Internet technology,"" says Bettina Horster, CEO of Dortmund's VIVAI Software AG.

Through a simple app and sophisticated sensor technology, people will receive support in the future that is precisely adapted to their current life situation. For this purpose, separately kept data from the care sector is bundled securely at a central location and used for age-appropriate diagnosis or care services.

The new Agilitypush for Alte is made possible by the project ""SmartServicePower"" (SSP). In order to set up the platform interactively with the future users in the next two years, 14 providers and institutions * 1 agreed on a common approach. They will set up a support platform in the Dortmund model region, which gives older people more self-responsibility and a better sense of life and allows them to stay longer in their own homes.

Now the Diploma Council (DC), a global think tank and consultant to the United Nations for bridging the gap between diplomacy, business and society (www.diplomatic-council.org) has awarded the DC Information Society Award to the SSP project. This award is the nomination of the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) Prize 2017 of the United Nations. The award recognizes projects in the area of information and communication technology, which are of outstanding importance in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) adopted at the last UN General Assembly.

Bettina Horster, CEO of the Dortmund-based VIVAI Software AG, is convinced of the sustainability and future viability of the award-winning platform: ""We are addressing the demographic change that is already under way with the use of data and Internet technology. SSP not only gives older people and their dependents a more self-determined life, but also gives them back their data sovereignty. ""VIVAI (www.vivai.de/SSP) is a consortium leader of SSP.

For Horster, data sovereignty means that ""people will soon decide for themselves who, how often, in what context and in which granularity, can access the very sensitive data from the health sector."" If data is the oil of the 21st century, Bettina Horster further says, then those who produce the data should also have some of it. The all or nothing mentality of WhatsApp or Google - you give me the data and can use the applications for it - is no longer up-to-date. A better solution is created by the sophisticated data usage control and the fair share business model of SmartServicePower.

The city of Dortmund is the first smart city worldwide to focus on the topic of demographic change. The SmartServicePower project forms part of the city's smart city strategy. The SSP core team consists of VIVAI Software AG (consortium management), Dortmund University of Applied Sciences, DOGEWO 21, Fraunhofer InHaus Zentrum, Pflegedienst Hüberthal Dortmund and InHaus GmbH, Duisburg. Associated partners are the cities of Dortmund and Arnsberg, the Trilux GmbH, the Barmer GEK and the AXA insurances, the architects Schamp & Schmalöer as well as the SmartHome Deutschland e.V. and the Internet association eco e.V ..

The project is funded by the EU (European Regional Development Fund) and the state of NRW.

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