NRW project around the consortium of VIVAI wins first prize at the EU innovation competition "RegioStars Award"

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Lambert van Nistelroij EU Jury-President, Dr. Bettina Horster, Milenia Boycheva Ministry of Economic Affairs NRW, Michaela Bonan, Corina Cretju EU Commissioner (from left)

Karl-Heinz Lambertz President of the Committee of the Regions of the EU, Corina Cretju, Dr. Bettina Horster, Lambert van Nistelroij EU Director of the Jury, Michaela Bonan, Thomas Horster-Möller VIVAI Software AG, Jelena Bleja, Ivan Nikolic VIVAI Software AG, Milenia Boycheva (from left)

RegioStars Awards 2017: Smart living for seniors

Opening Ceremony EU Parlament 2017 Bettina Horster

DORTMUND, 11th OCTOBER 2017 - We have won! Our project Smart Service Power has won one of the most prestigious awards of the EU the EU RegioStars Award and was celebrated in the EU Parliament. The Secretary of the Economy, Pinkwart, is also looking forward to meeting us.

Agilitypush for seniors through the project "SmartServicePower"

To be carefree in your own four walls. - With this performance promise, the Dortmund-based Smart Service Power project is competing across Europe.

With the RegioStars Award, the EU has distinguished outstanding projects for the promotion of regional structural change since 2007. The NRW project Smart Service Power (SSP) is the main winner in the CityStars category this year. The prize was awarded to original, innovative projects, which can serve as an inspiration and inspiration for other regions across the EU. "We want all of us the long self-determined life in old age - technology can be the solution. We have won because we are working together with municipalities, universities, housing companies, nurses, nurses and companies together, "says Dr. Bettina Horster, CEO of VIVAI Software AG and project manager of SSP.

For Economic and Digitization Minister Andreas Pinkwart, SSP is ideally suited to bringing the federal state further economically and technologically: "Digitization opens up completely new social and economic perspectives. The Dortmund Health and Care Platform (SSP) is a best-practice example. The project shows how innovative digital solutions can support a self-determined life in old age and create new markets. Congratulations to the initiators. "

The SSP consortium expects SmartServicePower to have a positive impact on demographic change and digitization, which is of crucial importance for Germany as a whole. Through the project, whole service and product industries can emerge. For the first time, a consortium has been set up to provide a service-integrating platform for medical, care and health care. Horster: "In the future, we will not be able to talk of aging but of autonomy in old age.

In the EU-wide unique SSP project, a platform is being set up for the first time, which enables a self-determined life in old age. Through natural language communication and sophisticated sensor technology, people will be provided with future help in their current life situation. For this purpose, the platform bundles all previously held data securely at a central location and uses it for diagnosis or care services. In order to set up the platform interactively with future users in the next two years, 13 providers and institutions have agreed on a common approach. They will set up a service in the Dortmund and Arnsberg region of the region, giving older people more self-responsibility and a better sense of life.

"We are incredibly proud to have secured a strong European-wide competition with SmartServicePower," said Bettina Horster, delighted at the award in Brussels. At the opening ceremony of the "15th European Week of Regions and Cities" on the day before the award ceremony, Bettina Horster, a driving force in the digital transformation of the NRW region, held a much-watched speech in the European Parliament. The city of Dortmund and the SSP consortium had put the demographic change for the first time in the focus of a digitized "Smart City" and this is now paying off. "We are real pioneers. We wanted to place something entirely new in the focus of our smartified city - not the same issues as energy efficiency, steering traffic flows or mobility, "emphasized Horster. The high degree of innovation was also the reason for the fact that the Ministry of Economic Affairs, which represents the ERDF administrative authority NRW, has proposed the project SSP for the RegioStar. It is not possible to apply for this prize yourself.

"The honoring of the EU Commission shows how much attention is now paid to the topic of technology-based autonomous life in old age," emphasized Michaela Bonan, project manager at the city of Dortmund. "Congratulations to the project consortium" Smart Service Power "! It uses the opportunities and possibilities of digitization in order to implement an innovative concept has already been part of the outstanding projects in the ERDF competition "IKT.NRW" and is therefore supported by EU and NRW national funds, "says ERDF Head of Unit Anja Schumacher the successful nomination of the project from North Rhine-Westphalia (ERDF = European Regional Development Fund)

Demographic change is leading not only to Germany, but also to the EU as a whole: There is a lack of staff and the costs are rising steadily. SmartService Power would like to develop a solution for this purpose and, by means of intelligent digitization and smart- ification, will enable age-oriented technology-based housing in the district. This provides the security of a senior citizens' home to sick people, people with care and / or help, disabled people and the elderly - but in their own habitual environment. With the help of sensors, for example, falls are detected, the stove is switched off, when it is no longer required, the drinking behavior is monitored and all this by means of a language assistant.

The data of the sensors and actuators are combined in an IoT (Internet of Things) platform - with a high ethical claim. In this way, needs-based services can be derived. It is ensured that the inhabitants can remain socially integrated in their own quarters as long as possible by means of prevention, household-oriented care and networked value-added chains. This corresponds to the personal desire of the best-ager, but also to reduce the costs of care and social costs for health insurance funds, church sponsors and municipalities.

The SSP project team consists of VIVAI Software AG (consortium management), Dortmund University of Applied Sciences, DOGEWO 21, Fraunhofer InHausZentrum, Hueberthal Dortmund and InHaus GmbH, Duisburg. Associated partners are the cities of Dortmund and Arnsberg, the Trilux GmbH, the Barmer GEK and the AXA insurances, the architects Schamp & Schmalöer, as well as the SmartHome Germany e.V. and the Internet Association eco e.V ..
The project is funded by the EU (European Regional Development Fund) and the state of NRW.

The jury in the "Citystars, Cities in Digital Transition" segment: Lambert van Nistelrooij, MEP and chair of the jury, Tomasz Kulisiewicz, ICT consultant and analyst, stv. Director of the Center for Studies on Digital Government in Lodz, Poland; Sten-Erik Björling, independent ICT consultant and research assistant at the Technical University in Lulea, Sweden.