Smart Service Power honored with the Innovation Prize Ort im Land der Ideen

For the second time, VIVAI AG was able to win the company award as consortium leader.

Dieter Kemp, Dr. Bettina Horster, Harald Eisenach

Dortmund - The project Smart Service Power of the consortium of the same name from Dortmund is one of the most innovative projects in Germany and thus one of the winners of the competition "Ausgezeichnete Orte im Land der Ideen" 2018. The project shows how by honest interest in the concerns of seniors and humane technology, future-oriented innovations in the area of nursing and self-sufficient living can emerge. The "Deutschland - Land der Ideen" initiative of the Federal Government, the most important business association BDI and the Deutsche Bank have jointly organized the innovation competition for 13 years. VIVAI AG and FH Dortmund have even been awarded for their pioneering approaches for the second time.

An independent jury selected Smart Service Power from almost 1,500 submitted applications. For the first time SSP provides a common platform for health data of seniors. This allows older citizens to live safer and more self-sufficient in their own home. The fall sensor, which works completely automatically and is coupled with a voice assistant for inquiries, ensures that nobody has to lie on the floor for hours. The platform is powered by SSP's own data, which results from the interlinking of fall detection, vital signs sensors or medication assistance systems. The use of technology for the first time in this form and the data integration form the basis for an unprecedented coupling of information. And thus a system for the need-based, self-sufficient, secure care of seniors who want to stay in their usual home for as long as possible. Thus, SSP is not only the perfect replacement for the security of a retirement home, but also a solution for the threat of care in Germany. Data protection and new data usage concepts are in the foreground.

Cohesion as added value for all

Harald Eisenach, Spokesman for the Regional Executive Committee East / Head of Corporate Customer Region East of the Deutsche Bank, congratulated the award winners on the occasion of the award ceremony on 4 July 2018 in Berlin: "We live in turbulent times. Some even say that our society is drifting apart. Does the idea of the big community lose its power? Our 100 winners come to a different conclusion. Their excellent ideas are impressive proof: we are a very innovative country. And we stick together - despite all the challenges that have to be overcome."

Dieter Kempf, President of Bundesverbands der Deutschen Industrie (BDI), recognizes above all how much society benefits from those who lead by example: "A society needs cohesion and opportunities for the participation of its citizens. Otherwise it is not a livable place. The 'Excellent Places' are lighthouses for public spirit this year. Thanks to their innovative ideas, the winners combine worlds - young with the old, strong with the weak, city with land, social projects with high-tech. They prove that it adds value to all when brave ideas are promoted and shared. Their 100 innovations make society a little better."

Innovations get a stage

The 100 winners will be awaiting a year full of highlights and professional support: Starting in September, the winners will be received in the state chancelleries of their federal states. "Deutschland - Land der Ideen" and the Deutsche Bank let the winners benefit from their network. They are invited to exclusive events, they can promote themselves with the seal of approval "Ausgezeichneter Ort im Land der Ideen" and so win new customers, partners, sponsors or members. As in the previous year, award winners can seek advice from experts and in seminars as part of the Deutsche Bank "Made for Good" opportunity program.

Dedicated Partners: "Deutschland - Land der Ideen" and Deutsche Bank

"Deutschland - Land der Ideen" is the joint location initiative of the Federal Government and the German economy, represented by the BDI. Deutsche Bank has been a partner and national sponsor of the competition "Ausgezeichneteter Ort im Land der Ideen" since 2006. The aim is to make innovations from Germany at home and abroad visible and to strengthen the performance and sustainability of the location.